Sneak Peak!

From The Elements of Time (work in progress)

I watched my pen loop from beginning to end, tracing shadows over light on my page. Saman Nasrin Jahandar. My new name. I picked it this time.

Don’t get me wrong, the names my mother picked were nice. In Germany, I was Roxana Laijani. In Switzerland I had been Leila Esfahani. In New York, I was Darya Homayoun. The names were beautiful! They just weren’t me.

My real name? I’m not allowed to use it. Which is kind of good because it would take me forever to write. Technically, I do have forever because I’m immortal, but I don’t think my algebra teacher would accept, “My name is 5 miles long,” as an excuse for turning in my homework late.

I checked the time. 5:13. Mama would be home soon, and that meant one thing: We’d be heading to some remote location so she could clobber me in combat training. Then we’d go get tacos!

I packed up my books, changed into black leggings and a black shirt, and listened for Mama as I pinned my hair back. Braids and ponytails were good, but if Mama decided to come at me with fire, I wanted to keep as much of my hair as possible…

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