Today has been one of those days. One of those very, very good days.

I had a chance to chat with my college roommate about some really deep ideas, and I finally figured out my antagonists. I’ve had a loose idea of what my antagonists were up to for a long time, but it always came back to plain old world domination.

And that’s boring.

I wanted to know why. Why were these people after world domination. Sure, some people go for world domination just for the power, but I knew there was more to what was making my antagonists tick.

As George RR Martin says, “A villain is a hero of the other side.”

Life is full of grey areas.

Next Steps

It’s a funny thing when you let your story stew for a while. I think some people see stories as static. If you don’t actively work on them for a while, they just sit there.

Not so!

With everything that’s happened in my life over the last year, I haven’t written much. But my story has been through innumerable changes. The biggest shift being that it’s gone from being more fantasy focused to having a heavier time travel element.

That’s a massive shift.

It’s going to take me time to rework everything, but all of the work I did before isn’t wasted. I have literal boxes full of source material. Even though I haven’t been able to write prose, I’ve been working on character development.

I love working on character development.

One of my favorite things with writing is when I have strong characters and a general outline for a scene. Then, I can just throw my characters into the moment and “watch” what they do.

Next up?

I need to get a more detailed idea of what my bad guys are up to!