Social Media Tips for Writers

Friends and followers and algorithms, oh my! And content. And posting times. And hashtags. Posting frequencies? How on earth are you supposed to figure all of this out? I’ve got you covered! Fair warning: These are not your typical, vague, run of the mill, “how to social media” posts. These are in-depth, detailed posts that get into the nitty gritty of how to really find your social media mojo. I’m not sharing statistics and lists from some company who studied data on posting times. I’m passing along social media insider tips from a bunch of friends who are social media all stars. They told me what worked for them, those same things worked for me, and now I’m passing those tips and tricks on to you. Grab some snacks and get comfy!

Part 1: General Social Media Tips

Part 2: Building Engagement by Developing Content

Part 3: Selling Through Social Media

Part 4: Getting Into your Twitter Analytics (coming soon!)

Part 5: Photos for Social Media (coming soon!)