Emlyn Boyd is a half-German, half-Piscataway adoptee with rheumatoid arthritis that leaves her somewhat disabled. She studied anthropology in college, but was unable to fulfill her dream of working with street kids because of her health. So, she writes young adult fantasy with an eye for diversity and a splash of sci fi.

She is slightly obsessed with Minecraft.

And coffee.

Also corndogs.

Her main faults include chain-drinking hot tea and taking too many pictures of her dog.

In her earlier years, Emlyn worked as an exhibit guide at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. She still has a tendency to tell random people all about how shark skeletons are made of cartilage and that piranha have strong jaws because they like to eat nuts.

She played the bassoon in high school.

And wielded the piccolo in marching band.

Also, there was a singular year in the high school musical when she had one line every night.

In addition to her husband, her son, her freckly dog, and her Minecraft castles, one source of pride for Emlyn is her massively awesome geeky t-shirt collection. It’s mostly odds and ends from Target’s secret stash, which is also known as “We Hide The Good T-Shirts in The Men’s Section.” Regardless, Emlyn feels her shirts convey her love of things like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Harry Potter (Hufflepuff pride!), Percy Jackson, Doctor Who, snarky humor, assorted super heroes, and Outlander.

Future plans include adding a Game of Thrones t-shirt to her stash and finding a smokier lapsang souchong tea.

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