Emlyn Boyd is a writer who is stuck somewhere under the piles of paper and stacks of notebooks that make up her current project.

The Elements of Time (work in progress)

Di is planning for a future in the past. On her first day at a new school, the headmaster gives Padideh an ancient book listing her as the author. A secret compartment in the book contains Di’s necklace and her father’s ring. The headmaster tells Di she’ll be sent back in time, but no one knows when. Or how. And they certainly don’t know why. The only clues are in her book.

Even though she’s terrified, Di starts reading. Her book tells the story of a sorceress and a soldier. The sorceress is trying to revive an apocalyptic power, and the soldier is destined to protect the only person who can stop the sorceress. Meanwhile, Di’s classmates keep disappearing and a shadow police force threatens to take over her school. When a missing student turns up dead in her ancient book, Di begins a frantic mission to decode the past so she can save her friends’ future.